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Top Q is now one of Gloucestershires largest venues for Pool with 8 match quality tables and an additional 6 tables that are used for exhibitions and competitions. We are also proud to have most of Gloucestershires leading players representing Top Q


Currently the Headquarters of the Gloucester Pool League. We also run a Singles League that has a prize fund in excess of £1200.


Whether your a serious player or someone who just likes a few frames you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and with comfortable seating all round.





Pool Table Rates


Main Tables


£7 per hour  

Match Tables


£8 per hour  

Table bookings are available to full members only


Are you finding it hard to pick off that single red from the baulk cushion? Are you missing pots that you used to get? Do you think your eyes are to blame? Check out the link above for more information about custom made snooker / pool spectacles

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